About Jeff Fronius

Present Day

I am a high school math teacher at Horizon Christian School. This is my fifth year at Horizon. I am very excited to combine my love for Jesus with my daily work. This year I am teaching Geometry, Finite Math, Pre-Calculus, AP Statistics and middle school robotics and programming. I will continue as coach of the robotics team. Look for pictures to the right of the team and robot. We are starting an elementary team this year. Our alumni M2 is now coaching the middle school team. Thank you Matthew.

Previously I have assisted with 6th through 8th grade classes, and taught Algebra 1, Algebra 2 AP Calculus AB, and Web Design.

I have previously served on the Indiana Professional Standards Board. I represented math teachers (and engineers) on this board. Look for a picture of me with the former governor on the right taken during the signing of REPA.

I enjoy technology pursuits, which helps explain this web site. I hope you enjoy the random graphics that appear on the right. Re-Load the page to see different pictures. That very hansome young lad, along with a stunning young girl is myself and my sister.

My wife runs a small internet business that makes and sells stencils and vinyl lettering. Check it out. The web design for these sites is my summer job.

Recent History

Before following God's calling into teaching I worked for 19 years as an electrical engineer. During this time I worked for GE, Duke Energy and Johnson Controls. I lived in Columbus OH, Philadelphia PA, and Albany NY.

As an engineer I concentrated on energy savings in manufacturing facilities. I have been in many different manufacturing plants, many more than the paper mill stories I tell in class.

My Electrical Engineering degree is from Cleveland State University. My MBA is from Villanova University. I studied Transition to Teaching at Indiana Wesleyan University. I was in the very first class to complete this program.

This Site / Teaching Philosphy

I have worked hard to document everything I do in class electronically and I post it on this site. Students who use my site can supplement classroom notes and examples with the extra examples available. Students who miss class can also get caught up quicker.

I have received numerous comments from teachers who say they are surprised I have put all my hard work on the internet for anyone to use, including other teachers. I personally am not competing with these teachers, we are all in the same business and trying to improve our teaching together. If you are a fellow math teacher and have any improvements or updates to anything you have taken from my site, please send me a copy (teach @ mrfronius.com).

Teachers - If you still are not convinced that it is helpful to post all your material check this out. I had a student transfer into my school that had previously used my material at his old school. So, my new student was better off thanks to this site before I even started teaching him. Any chance some of your students are using my site? Over 10,000 different people a month visit my pages. Also at a new school where I started working, the previous teacher used some of my power points in her classes. So, my students, as far behind as they were, were maybe a little better off because the other teacher was able to utilize some of my power points.

I try hard, within the limits of classroom time, to utilize physical examples of mathematic concepts. This is much easier in Geometry than in Algebra. Physical activity helps students feel the math, and provides a point of reference to distinguish different concepts. I also utilize TI N-Spire calculators in my classroom. For some concepts the best feel I can find is a technology driven feel. The graphing functions and geometry applications on these calculators is far better than other graphing calculators I have used, especially for students who don't own these calculators, but only use them in the classroom.